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is there HELP?

Can I lose weight without counting calories? Are there exercises I can do at home? I have "nasty" menopausal symptoms! Who can I partner with to educate myself about allergies, ethical consumption, cholesterol...?



Sprout Natural Nutritional Consulting (SNNC) specializes in lifestyle and nutritional assessments, weight loss education, immune disorder management, women's health forums, exercise tips, customized menu plans, and eco-nutrition awareness. We will partner with you to grow your health in all three dimensions: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

SNNC offers one-to-one consultations, group sessions and wellness presentations. Distance is bridged by phone or through computer tools such as Skype.

Contact us to discuss how our nutritionist can be a speaker for your next event.


why SNNC?

Our goal is to educate you about how your body works and how to make it work for you, not to hand you the answer along with a magic pill.

You are the determiner of your own health path. We will work together to plant the seed and encourage a harvest!

Partner with an experienced adult educator who will listen to your story, guide you to optimal health, and offer support.