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The taste is out of this world!

I think I’ve outdone myself. Seriously. I created a recipe — using bits and pieces from what I’ve read — and made lemonade that is not only delicious and nutritious but the ingredients are all locally sourced except for the lemons. (Bonus: you get the recipe here for free!) First, combine berries and herbs with […]


Perfect Peas and Pods

It’s the heart of the bounty-season here in northern climate country and with that comes the first of a few posts focusing on what is readily available both in the garden and at the local farmer’s market. We are starting with peas. Most of us think of peas in two categories: the shelling pea and […]


River Valley Foraging

I love the outdoors especially in the morning when the dew is on the leaves, and the air is still fresh from the night. If you combine that with a walk into the bush to find nature delights near a river, I AM IN HEAVEN! Of course it would not be complete without conversations with […]


Have Jar? Got Meal!

Have you ever been stuck as to what to take for lunch? Or even for supper especially when it’s warm outside? We want something cool, satiating, tasty AND portable. Have a meal salad in a jar! Grab a jar — a small one works — and let’s start layering your meal that’s easy to take […]


You can drink that?!

Well, I’m in love again with a nutritious easy-to-reach-for “flavoring” that adds strength, nutrition, and variety to any dish… or any beverage. You can drink it too? Yes! It can be enjoyed in a smoothie or in sparkling water. So what are we talking about here? Balsamic vinegar! Not the cheap stuff from a dusty […]