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Coconut Peanut Butter Banana PANCAKES

I was thinking back to a period of time when my usual breakfast was toast spread with peanut butter topped with sliced bananas. Easy, quick, and delicious. I was a young professional eager to get my day going and needed something quite substantial to nourish me. Fast forward a few years after marriage and two […]


Stinky Stuff Strengthens Stamina

Got your attention? LOL! Well, this is an article about a food that tends to smell but is good for you, one that helps keep you strong and healthy. Builds stamina! I would suggest that the smell here is not very smelly in this recipe anyway, but I suppose when one thinks of onions, one […]


Roast away. Plenty of Power.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I suggested to my husband that we stay home for supper — something that we tend to do anyway to avoid the “madness” of the occasion — and I make a meal just for the two of us. I tend to include something red on our plates, of course, the pretty […]