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Spring Cleaning + Recipe

I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with dust and grit inside my house. While I am also thinking of my actual bricks and mortar house, I’m actually referring to the inside of my body. The winter has piled up the grime.  Time to kick the garbage to the curb. There are a lot […]


The Last Supper

The Last Supper I’ve been on another journey, a journey about food. A few months ago in June 2015, I began a challenge to eat at least one local food item every day for 100 days. The summer edition for this 100-mile “diet” took me through the peak season here in what I call northern […]


Half Time! #100winter16

I can’t believe it! 50 days have already gone by: I’m half-way through the winter edition of incorporating at least one local item within a 100-mile radius every time I eat a meal. *whew* While it is a bit more challenging foraging for ingredients in winter than summer, it’s actually turning out to be not […]


Day 15 and Going Strong

SumMILEr2015 What’s this all about? Glad you asked! I took the word summer and kind of ripped it apart to build another term to represent a challenge I’m doing. On June 1, 2015 I began a challenge to see if I could eat for 100 days, at least one item in at least one meal, […]


I Don’t Get It

I’m seriously stunned some days, a lot of days actually. Seriously. Stunned. No, it’s not because I’m “blonde” or I’m having a brain fog moment; I’m often stunned at how often I hear the same thing over and over… and over again from people who are desperate to change their health. Something that they wish […]