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Lab Testing

SNNC works with Eudamonia to provide lab testing services. It is recommended that the client includes a 60 min pre-test instruction consultation before the test otherwise, it is up to the individual to arrange to pick-up kit and then perform the self-explanatory steps on their own; however, it is mandatory to include a post-test consultation in order to discuss report results.

Lab Testing Consultation (pre or post) 60 min - $70

Food Allergy

Getting a food allergy test can be a major step towards improving your health. Choose from the following four tests individually or as a combination.

  • Test 1                    96 Food Panel - $300 (add-on Candida $25)
  • Test 2                    112 Food Panel - $410
  • Test 3                    96 Vegetarian Food Panel - $300
  • Test 4                    Celiac Profile $215 (or add-on to any above $195)

Hair Element Analysis (45 Essential and Toxic Elements) - $100

This test reveals information on bodily stores of essential elements like selenium, magnesium and calcium, and toxic element levels that if high, can trigger problems like anxiety, depression, memory issues, heart disease, and fatigue.

Essential Fatty Acid Profile - $195

Most of us get plenty of omega-6 fatty acids but our diets often lack omega-3 fatty acids. The right balance can help to reduce the risk of heart attack, and inflammation. This test determines if levels of essential fatty acids and other beneficial fatty acids are sufficient.

Vitamin D Spot Test - $90

Some research studies suggest that inadequate levels of vitamin D (lower than 30 ng/ml) are linked to an increased risk of some cancers, poor heart health, bone fractures, and a weak immune system. This test reveals Vitamin D levels.