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I Don’t Get It

I’m seriously stunned some days, a lot of days actually. Seriously. Stunned. No, it’s not because I’m “blonde” or I’m having a brain fog moment; I’m often stunned at how often I hear the same thing over and over... and over again from people who are desperate to change their health. Something that they wish could finally happen.

It has to do with weight loss.

Whoa! Did I just lose you? Offend you? Just hold on a moment and hear me out. You may be surprised with what I say.

Now I don’t know you but I’m going to possibly hit some nerves and dive into a subject that could be quite painful for you. It’s not new. It’s out there, on the news, in the papers, and on every book shelf: how to lose weight. Secrets for successful weight loss, and on it goes.

And yet, I’m stunned. While a lot of people want to lose weight. They aren’t. Nope. Nothing. Zero. But it’s not for a lack of trying, sort of. You see I think that’s the problem. They are trying but I wonder if it’s from a place of inferiority or desperation or maybe, just maybe, too much information or a combination of bits and pieces that really don’t make a whole lot of sense.

Speaking of sense: I get the sense that there’s confusion mixed in with the pile of feelings. All of that certainly doesn’t help the level of stress that’s already there. It exacerbates the problem to be sure.

So what do “we” (you) do?

Can I suggest that you TODAY, lay it all down: what do you eat, why do you eat, and when do you eat. Click Food Diary for a free food journal to help you with this. You’ll begin to see a picture of what you're eating and how you're feeling before and after you eat. It’s not the magic fix (I’m so done with hearing about those magical secrets that apparently you can buy on the internet) but it’ll at least have you get real with what is going on. Don’t have time? Well, maybe that’s the problem right there. You are not that desperate yet to make a change. What are you seriously waiting for.... what?

Yep. Told you this might be a hard read. You do have time and I’m certain your health is a lot more important than another pair of shoes, or more make-up (ouch). You’re that important to um, make room in the budget for.

I’m so passionate (another overused word but I mean it here), about cheering you on. It’s better with a buddy, a coach, someone to motivate, encourage, and direct. Will you finally take that step? Let’s talk about your food diary. Call me 780.660.2014 or email me: SproutNaturalNutrition@gmail.com I offer a complimentary 25 minute consultation to discuss whatever you like. We can Skype or touch base by phone to connect no matter where you live.

Let’s get IT started. Get. Going!

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