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The Last Supper

The Last Supper

I’ve been on another journey, a journey about food.

A few months ago in June 2015, I began a challenge to eat at least one local food item every day for 100 days. The summer edition for this 100-mile “diet” took me through the peak season here in what I call northern climate country. The produce was plentiful; I could walk within a few feet to my backyard garden or enjoy food harvested a few miles from where I lived. Fairly easy to eat local that season. But, I wanted to raise the bar and create more of a challenge; I wanted to see if I could continue this quest to eat local throughout a colder-climate winter. Click here to read my thoughts on beginning the winter challenge.

I began the winter edition of the 100-day 100-mile challenge on December 1, 2015. Technically the 100th day would have landed on March 10th but since I was out of the country, I paused for 8 days to complete this project here at home. And now, it is the last day. Wow!

March 17, 2016 will forever be stamped in my food memory.

I’m more emotional than I thought I would be. My senses are even more heightened, and my mind very focused on my food this day. I’ve planned and prepared for what we will eat so that it will be a celebration of winter eating, some favorites, with the intention to showcase simple, yet very tasty foods.

I write this post at high noon, yet to consume my planned lunch. I just had to write, before my head exploded, my thoughts, my emotions, some of my reflections, and a bit about how this has changed me BEFORE I consume The Last Supper tonight.

With that, I throw this out to you. I can’t help but ask you, how would you eat if you only had one more day, one more meal, to live? What would you eat? Would you have had any pre-thought in what to eat? Are there any favorites on that menu? While it may be tricky to plan every meal out as if it were our last, what if, just what if, we actually lived as if the next meal was to be our last? Would we take more time, every time, to get the best of whatever it is we like?

As a holistic nutritionist, I’ve heard a lot of clients say that they don’t know what to eat, that eating is a chore, or that really they are only eating to get the JOB of eating over with! I admit that it used to be a pain for me too.

I know everyone is different; we all have different stories, pressures, and challenges but the point of the matter is we can only eat food, real, honest, wholesome, and truly nourishing food for fuel, for life. Is eating a priority? Is there any wiggle room for you to edit tasks, and all that “life fluff” to make room for the delightful and delicious emotional, physical, and spiritual experience of eating food?

After all, we don’t know when it is The Last Supper.

I’ll be back later to blog more about my facts, feelings, and forever transformational moments after this project is officially over. Looking forward to having you join me right here, and feel free to drop me a line. Let’s chat about food, your life, challenges, and whatever else you like so you too can celebrate food and that your relationship with food will become pleasant stories to recall.


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