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Nutritional Gardening: Increasing YOUR Health Harvest


Have you ever felt frustrated with your body due to its dysfunction? Maybe you have experienced weight fluctuations leaving you feeling defeated. Do you have little energy to get your tasks done? Perhaps eating is a chore, with meals that are dreaded instead of celebrated.

Now picture a lush and sun-kissed garden with flourishing plants offering loads of nutritious fruit. Similar to managing a garden, you can cultivate your health while savoring delights along the way. It is possible to experience and celebrate a continual harvest of well-being.

Join me at Edmonton's Frock-alicious by Design conference on May 29th.  In my segment called Nutritional Gardening: Increasing Your Health Harvest, you will learn:

  • Steps for an abundant health harvest
  • How eating is just one part of the cultivation process
  • What are your health goals
  • Nutrition tips to encourage higher yield

Click https://nj186.isrefer.com/go/FBDE/lfriedrich/ to get your ticket. Join other smart, driven entrepreneurs and business owners who’ve got big plans to push their businesses forward. People who are trying to live the life they’ve dreamed of, and see wild success in their businesses, yet understand that this is no small task. At times it may seem insurmountable.

For those guests from out of town, make plans to stay the weekend in our great city of Edmonton. See you there!

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