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Scold. Old. Fold.

  1. Have been scolded

“You’re going to get a scolding when we get home!” Has anyone ever said this to you? I’m not just talking about a caregiver speaking these words to you when you were a child; have you ever criticized yourself after eating something? You love food but you know you better make changes because your health is being affected. You seek trustworthy support regarding your food intake.

  1. Diet is getting old

Oh yawn same old routine. Another day and more meals to eat. Maybe when you look into the filled fridge you say there is nothing to eat. Do you get tired trying to figure out what to eat especially after a long day? You may have been on so many diets that you have bits and pieces from each one of them in the pantry but you don’t know what you can use anymore. You wish to experience a new way of eating.

  1. Want to fold up

So you’ve tried (and tried) and the scale is not budging. It’s actually going in the opposite direction! Does the word failure come to mind when describing your attempts at losing weight or regaining strength? Maybe you throw your hands up when it comes to eating because you can’t seem to be able to eat food out of enjoyment and mend wellness at the same time. You desperately want to change your eating habits and are open to do what it takes.

This January 2016, be a part of the Your Food Story community for unconditional support, and fresh eating approaches that will give you health and reasons to enjoy your food... forever.

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