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What is this Sprout?!

snnclogo with transparent backgroundTo clear up any confusion, while I do enjoy eating sprouts (!) and have "played" with sprouting myself, my company does not sell sprouts. So to help you understand why I chose my company name, here's a bit of the story behind the name:

Sprout is an action word. You'll see it means to grow, spring up, or come forth, or in the plant world, to begin to grow; give off shoots or buds. This is the why behind what I do: educate, inspire, empower, and support you to grow your health. I use the tagline ~ growing physical emotional spiritual health ~ for this reason. Oh and BTW, I'll say it again, I love eating nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich sprouts too!

Natural is part of the company name because it's my desire to open the door with people to the real and natural beauty of delicious food and sparkling health.

Nutritional Consulting is what I offer: teach, meet, share, equip, coach, and support (can't use this word enough!), with your nutrition goals in mind.

As another tidbit, the three leaves of my company logo represent three areas of holistic nutrition: body, mind, and spirit. Before those shoots emerge there has to be good soil, ready-to-germinate seed, strong roots, and sturdy stem.... a process I firmly believe in, in order for your healthy choices to be sustainable.

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