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River Valley Foraging

I love the outdoors especially in the morning when the dew is on the leaves, and the air is still fresh from the night. If you combine that with a walk into the bush to find nature delights near a river, I AM IN HEAVEN! Of course it would not be complete without conversations with a friend. Yep. This is the life.

I live in a city that has a beautiful river valley. This time of year is somewhat special in that there are berry treasures to be found... and consumed. I'm talking about saskatoons!

My earliest memories of eating saskatoons always included pie. While I do LOVE pie I was determined to use these antioxidant-strong natural treats in other recipes. I wanted them in their unadulterated state -- sounds kinda 'kinky' hey -- to be enjoyed in the raw!

You can use them in smoothies in place of any berry (I used with watermelon, and basically a variety of seeds),

Day 39 Breakfast


layer them with chopped and ground raw almonds, Chia Seed Pudding (3 tablespoons chia seeds whisked into almond (or other milk), and 1 tablespoon maple syrup ~ I make it the night before ~ chill for about 8 hours. Stir before using.)

Day 38 breakfast


freeze them in water as ice cubes (with a fresh organic herb or organic lavender like you see here)

Day 39 ice water


or enjoy in a salad dressing - see my other blog for the Berry Vinaigrette recipe.


If you don't have saskatoons, any berry will do especially wild blueberries (go forage those too!)

Plenty of vitamins and other goodies in these shimmering "bush gifts." Your body will thank you for taking the time to forage (okay that's the sorta fancy word now used for simply picking) because of the exercise, Vitamin D, and a wonderful stress-busting activity.


Get thee to the bush!


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