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Your Canadian Food Story

Oh Canada, glorious and free. We love thee!

And the food.

Yes, it sure looks like we do. Love food, community, and stories about them. I have a quest: I'm determined committed to collecting 150 stories about food by the end of 2017 (yikes, I guess since I wrote it down I am now accountable to that commitment, right or eh? :D )

Not just any story about food. Food that gives you joy, celebrates your region, influences your eating, and makes you proud of who you are. You need not be a foodie or be in the food industry or peddle food products. In actuality, I'm asking you to leave those jobs or roles behind and focus on you. Without a title attached. You eat, right? (Yes, yes.) How does the food from your province or territory affect what you eat? Are there any traditions? Go-to locations to buy particular ingredients, or do you grow / produce your own? Do you use specific food preparation techniques in a particular season that validates where you live? Is it unique to your area?

Let's learn together. You will educate us through your story. What's my part? I'll prove to everyone that no matter what you or I eat, it can be healthy! Yep. From this to that, and that to this. I can just imagine that some of you who are reading this will want to prove me wrong. Ya, right, healthy?? Submit a story and I'll show you how it adds to your health.

The three main purposes in a nutshell (pardon the food pun):

  1. Showcase regions
  2. Validate health
  3. Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday

What you can do right now before you forget is email me at SproutNaturalNutrition@gmail.com to indicate your interest. I'll then share with you details on how to get your food story circulated. No worries, you need not be a writer! I will give you a form to fill out with questions and comment boxes. The idea is for this to be a painless experience!! Your answers will ultimately become a food story.

Okay, no time to waste. The clock is ticking. Interested? Click here to connect with me.

Oh, one more thing, the goal is to eventually compile as many Canadian food stories as possible into one book. You could be asked to be one of the contributors!

I'm sincerely looking forward to meeting you, learning about your community, and reading one of your stories about food.

With sincere appreciation and gratitude, Loretta.

PS Don't forget to email me!!


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